Train Your Team

In this era of digital disruption, have you ever felt that a team that understands your business goals and the basic know-hows of digital marketing will be a true asset to your business?
Your thoughts are on the right track.

Team training the SODME way

Your team will be given the right direction to learn and grow in digital marketing. With easy to understand course structure, case studies, and practical tips, they will understand the nuances and practicalities of marketing the digital way.

Pre-Training evaluation

After making note of the designation and job roles of all attendees, we will conduct a MCQ test or a telephonic discussion to understand their levels of digital marketing understanding.

Tailor made courses

Based on the evaluation, we plan the course structure and the lesson plans. Our courses cover industry relevant training for executives, middle management, and top management.

Training sessions at your convenience

We let you decide the frequency of training sessions and the mode. Online or in-person, we are game either way.

Post-Training Evaluation

We give post course support for 4 weeks. We are just a phone call away for any queries and concerns you might face putting the skills learnt to practical use.

Why choose us?

SODME has a team of well-experienced digital marketers, who have worked with business owners, marketing professionals and career aspirants. By conducting 200+ workshops across various cities in India teaching 10,000+ people, our team has gathered extensive feedback from learners on what works for them, what doesn’t, their challenges, and approach. Using this feedback, we have structured our curriculum to help each and every learner meet their learning needs and goals.

Classroom-Based training is always better than online training. It creates a conducive environment for different ideas to be shared, boosts networking, lets learners interact with faculty and peers, and promotes a healthy competitive spirit. Personal attention from faculty makes it easier to grasp concepts, ask questions, and discuss ideas.

SODME faculty team consists of well-experienced experts, who have worked in the field. With the knowledge of practical aspects of digital marketing, our experts will introduce you to the real world and teach strategies that help you thrive in the online space.

Rise above concepts, notes, theories, and learn from real life experiences! With us, you gain hands-on experience by working on live projects and case studies. You not only get a working knowledge of digital marketing, but also gain the experience to put forth your best to future employers.

SODME digital marketing courses are designed to teach you the nitty-gritty of online marketing, without burning a hole through your pocket. With courses available within the range of Rs 4000 to Rs 35,000, SODME is one of the most affordable digital marketing online courses in India. All of this, in addition to the extra benefit of meeting the faculty in a conducive learning environment.

SODME focuses on the fundamentals, as they’re the building blocks of a successful future in digital marketing. Like an ideal teacher, we handhold you throughout the basic learning process, before guiding you on choosing apt advanced topics to suit your actual needs. For instance, it is almost impossible to understand SEO without working knowledge of Google.

Benefits of training your current employees

Creates a good rapport between staff across different departments and designations as it gives them a unified goal to work towards.

Training your existing team will save you considerable cost! The reason is pretty simple – As they are already attuned to your business goals and the administrative process, they will be better placed to study the market trends and optimise the marketing spend.

When it comes to content generation, your business no doubt has a unique brand voice. A new employee will take a considerable amount of time to understand and appreciate your brand voice. On the other hand, your existing team understands your business personality intimately and can maintain a consistency in brand messages to engage the target audience.

Your existing employees know your target audience and the likely keywords and terms they will use to search for information. They will also have  a fairly good idea about the problems they are seeking solutions for. So, they will be better placed to create content your target audience are more likely to engage with. 

What better way to enrich your internal team than providing them valuable skills? This improves morale, and gives them the satisfaction of contributing to the business success. This in turn is beneficial for retention and productivity.

Digital marketing training is likely to equip your staff with impactful soft skills like effective communication, content creation & editing, effective planning & budgeting for good ROI, optimised time & team management, crisis management, resourcefulness, creativity, and crisis management.

Why our digital marketing courses?

Online and Classroom Training
Tailor made, Industry Specific Modules
Worksheets & Real-time Case Studies
Affordable Prices

Modes of Training

We give your team the option to learn through

  • Live training sessions online
  • In-person training at our classrooms
  • On-premises training in your office  conference room

Business success is a group effort.

Setting up a digital marketing team is the best way forward for your online business success. But, this is not an overnight success story as it involves adequate expenditure and efforts.

Instead, why not train your existing team in the principles and implementation of digital marketing?

Though each person in your internal team has specific responsibilities, a basic knowledge of digital marketing will help them contribute their best towards your business success.

Everyone in your organisation needs to know the best ways to target and engage your audience to convert them into loyal customers eventually.

This is where we come in! We offer tailor made digital skill sets to your employees spread across different designations and departments.

Want to get started with Training?

Our consultants will let you know the number of sessions needed based on the Requirement.

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