Prashanti Sarees

Prashanti Sarees

About the Brand

Prashanti Sarees needs no introduction to the people of Chennai. As a well established brand with Stores in Mylapore, Tnagar and Bangalore, they enjoyed a solid customer base. They had a good collection of handloom sarees, and their classy silk cottons were a firm favourite among office goers.

The Challenge

Prashanti sarees were already online and enjoyed above average sales on their website. They approached us to scale up and reach a wider audience.

Our insights driven strategy & the impactful results

As we are always on top of the latest trends in the digital marketing space, we identified that the social media algorithm started favouring videos. So, we chose Video Marketing as our core strategy.

  1. We planned the videos with one of the owners taking the lead. Her conversational style and the artistically showcased handpicked saree range made the videos go viral, and reach a wider audience than the set target of existing customers.
  2. The engagement rates were increasing consistently and as a result, the enquiries increased multifold. As the brand started gaining unprecedented traction, we had to turn our immediate focus towards an interactive website and regular social media content.
  3. We focused on creating eye-catching visuals through quality product photography and creative captions. Even on the website, the product photography and the descriptions were unique.
  4. Apart from Facebook, Youtube, a platform not used by many businesses, gave us a lot of eyeballs with the subscriber count hitting the roof. We started optimising the content for Youtube for more promising results.
  5. A consistency was maintained to generate and distribute content.

Measuring the right metrics

  1. We started measuring the metrics, and regularly tweaked our marketing strategy to achieve goals
  2. The right mix of organic and inorganic marketing helped the brand reduce the cost involved in conversion.
  3. Re-targeting became even more easier with the custom audience created during events, website visits, video views etc
  4. Thanks to our insights driven SEO planning, the brand ranks for all the major keywords in the silk saree industry.

Services offered

Content Writing- Blogs, SEO, Product Descriptions, Photography, Video Marketing, Advertising, and Social Media Marketing

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