Marketing Audit

You might think that you know your business inside out. But, there is a chance that few blind spots can skip your attention and hinder your progress.

Our comprehensive digital audit helps you to know the effectiveness of your,

  • Digital marketing strategies
  • Measuring the results
  • Identify loopholes 
  • Strategies that aren’t working and
  • Recommend proven tactics to address them.
  • Effective paid campaigns
  • Email marketing and
  • Affiliate marketing strategies.

Kinds of Digital Audit

Your website is the face of your brand. A well performing website is the key to engage and retain your target audience. We help optimise your website performance by auditing the UI, UX, content style and appearance. We also advise on setting-up live chats and interactive plugins.

Social media is the new age gateway to recognise and bring in your prospects.Our social media audit sheds light on designing apt creatives and content to reflect the true spirit of your brand. We carry out quantitative, qualitative and competitor analysis to enhance the reach of your brand.

Content & SEO Audit

For any business, a perfect understanding of its strengths and weaknesses are the keys to success. By analysing your internal administrative structure and resources, we help you recognise your USPs and enhance it through well planned optimisation strategies

A master audit that combines all other audits in one fold. Perfect for start-ups too! We help you chisel your brand to perfection! This audit covers,

  • Identify  Key Performance Indicators
  • Qualitative Analysis – Metrics measurement
  • Quantitative Analysis – Brand Building, Identity
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Website performance, UI and UX
  • Content, SEO
  • Social Media Platforms
  • PPC: Paid Campaigns
  • Email Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Strategy & Recommendations

Refine your strategies with our digital audit service and redirect your money and efforts in the right direction. Reach out to us today.

Key benefits of a digital audit

Optimising the advertising campaigns and resources for best ROI

Imparting a better understanding of your brand engagement

Good networking between the members of the various departments

Taking informed decisions on business expansion and upscaling

Perfecting your ads targeting techniques

If you are a business owner backed by an external digital agency -

Our digital audit will help you identify the problem areas of your marketing campaigns and extract the needed work from your digital agency.

If you are a business owner with an in-house digital marketing team -

Our digital audit will help you to monitor the performance of your team, educate them on the latest digital marketing trends and motivate them with successful strategies.

If you are a professional in the service industry -

Our audit will help you identify the specific problems associated with your service niche and understand the right digital marketing strategies for your campaigns.

Digital Audit the SODME way!


An initial meeting with all stakeholders to understand business goals and areas that need improvement.


A thorough analysis of the marketing materials that are currently in use and their effectiveness.


Information sourcing from your employees, suppliers, customers and network .


Organising and analysing the gathered information to gain insights into the marketing functionality.


An expert digital audit report with SWOT analysis, loopholes, successful strategies and an actionable checklist of recommendations to achieve your goals.

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