Are you a business owner or Marketing professional planning to take your marketing to the next level?

Digital Marketing Consulting Services

Our Digital Marketing Consultants are happy to be your marketing guides and bridge the gap between your brand and its target audience.

Our consultants aim to optimise your potential by bringing in fresh perspectives and transforming the way you do things.

We sit with you to understand your goals, and customise data driven impactful digital marketing strategies to achieve them.

Digital Marketing Consultancy

To meet the modern day marketing challenges head on and establish a resonating brand image, impactful Digital Marketing strategies are the need of the hour. Our consultants help you by,

Digital Marketing Consulting, the SODME way!


An initial meeting with key stakeholders to understand the brand's vision and the business goals.


Information gathering to setup marketing goals.


Audience Persona - A comprehensive marketing profile study and research to understand user preferences.


Marketing Audit - A study to assess the existing online assets of the business and competitor analysis.


Choosing the right content and channel strategy by keeping the audience persona, resources and the goal as guiding factors


Campaign Strategy : Guidelines for campaign structure, target audience, budget, Copy and the creatives


Implementation and Measuring Results - Plans of action and checklists, Right KPIs to measure results phase-wise

One to one consultancy

You are a small business owner and you need some help from a professional to get you out a challenge which can be any one of the following

1. Your ad campaigns are becoming too expensive or not running and you do not know how to fix it.
2. You know there is something wrong with your online presence and you don’t know what
3. Your SEO does not work.
4. You want a review of your agency’s work
5. Your ad account is blocked
6. Your lead quality is too low

These problems can be solved via one or a few sessions with our consultants. You can now easily book a one hour consultant with SODME.

You can now easily book consultation with SODME.

One to One consulting the SODME way!


A ten minute phone call to understand your requirement. Fill in the questionnaire to help our consultants understand your business and the areas that require focussed attention.


Call with our team to identify your pain points better and decide on the course of action.


Scheduling the call with our skilled consultants based on your convenience.

Ideal to grow your business

One Session (40Minutes) with our Consultant  ₹5000 + GST 

Our consultants will let you know the number of sessions needed based on the Requirement

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Why choose us?

Our digital marketing consultants study the marketing challenges and trends on a regular basis. We thrive on understanding the current trends, educating ourselves through proper channels and devising apt strategies that work. When you hire us, you get surefire winning strategies served to you on a platter!

We have an array of clients for whom we design digital marketing strategies and advt campaigns on a regular basis. By monitoring the progress and making necessary tweaks, we devise strategies that bring in the desired results. When you take our consultancy, you can get access to successful strategies and specialised industrial insights.

We love bringing results that matter! We have an expert team of web developers, digital marketing experts, social media strategists, content writers and graphic designers to guide and assist you towards getting the desired results.

As an outsider, we bring in fresh ideas to optimise your resources and devise concepts to rev up your potential. We might pick out areas that need improvement, and also work with your team to make sure that all efforts are focussed on achieving your goals.

All my competitors are already established online. Can you help me with fast results?

We understand your concern. Our consultancy service aims to bring you long term results, instead of short lived wins. After taking time to understand the intrinsic worth of your brand, we follow a customer focused approach to design strategies to position your brand just the way you envisioned. This may take a considerable amount of time.
This fact might surprise you – though you are all in the same business, the strategies that work for them might not work for you. So, trust us, give this some time and get the desired results with good ROI.

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