The Kankatala Story


About the company

Kankatala has been an iconic part of Vizag since 1943. They were well known for their pure and authentic handloom sarees. They had an intelligent USP – all sarees in-store were personally handpicked by the Kankatala family. This established a personal connection with their client base, and they positioned themselves as a goto brand for festive and bridal silk sarees locally.

The Challenge

As any entrepreneur would desire, the Kankatala clan wanted to bring their brand online. They took tentative steps towards it in 2017.

It was challenging from the word go, as no other saree brand online were selling sarees for more than Rs 20K at that time. Kankatala’s authentic silk sarees definitely cost way more than Rs 20K. This was indeed a challenge to be tackled. 


Though people had spending power, there was not a lot of trust on online purchases at that time. Kankatala were determined that their online clients should get access to the handpicked premium collection they sold in-store. So, we decided we needed to tailor a strategy that would satisfy all sides.

Our Insights Driven Solutions

  1. We felt the only way to make people trust the brand is by giving them a personalized experience. So, our first focus was on our social media creatives and captions. As we knew how People love to touch and feel silk sarees before buying, we decided to make the online shopping experience extra exciting. 

We only used high quality creative images to give a visual treat to the eyes, while the longer than usual creative captions established an emotional connect. In fact, each caption was like a mini blog wherein the process of making the saree, the material, the motifs, and the feeling one would have wearing them, were all explained vividly.

2.The website also had unique high quality product descriptions and category descriptions that made people spend more time interacting with the site, and this in turn also helped in effective SEO.

3.We chose Facebook and Instagram as the primary social media platforms and utilized user generated content and influencer Marketing strategies to the fullest.

4.Personal branding is one of the major strategies that helped the brand to gain trust. Storytelling by putting the Kankatala family and family events in social media was a sure fire hit with the target audience.

5.We ran ads by following a proper funnel. The objectives were set for awareness, consideration and conversion. The ads were run on Facebook and Instagram, and the cost per result and other metrics were monitored on a regular basis.


Our consistent efforts helped the brand not only reach the pan Indian audience, but also transcend geographical boundaries and appeal to the global audience.

After realizing how the brand has reached major cities, Kankatala was able to open branches in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Delhi too.

Services offered

Strategy Development, Content writing – Product descriptions, Emails, Reputation Management and ad copies, Designing, Advertising, Event Marketing, Personal Branding and Influencer Marketing.

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