One agency for all your Digital Marketing work.

From auditing your existing online presence, to building a strategy, to implementing plan of action.

We are a school

SODME = School Of Digital Marketing Excellence

We start with educating you and your team on Digital Marketing and keeping things transparent. 

We'll setup your Digital Marketing channels in such a way that you will never need a marketing agency after us.

  1. You'll own your website fully(Your Domain & Hosting, don't worry we'll guide you through every step)
  2. We'll set up timelines(no more delays which extend for months. We deliver as promised)
  3. E-Commerce, Corporate & Industry specific functional websites.
  4. SEO optimised websites.
  5. We can also maintain it for you
  6. We can take care of content and photoshoots too.
  7. World class strategic websites delivered on time.
  1. A solid content plan executed through a precise content calendar
  2. A creative team of designers, writers, visualisers, strategists and community managers
  3. We grow your social media community with a goal of increasing your revenue
  4. Funnel based approach
  5. Advertising campaigns with a strategic approach.  Positioning → Persona Goals → Channel → Content → Placement → Budget → Metrics.
  6. Reporting - More than vanity metrics, we focus on actionable metrics.


  1. A thorough audit on the industry to come up with the right keywords that has the right user intent that helps the brand grow online.
  2. Competition analysis for benchmarking.
  3. Content strategy set up for the website that prioritises SEO and also does not compromise on the brand voice.
  4. Attention for website performance, UI & UX which are important yet usually ignored areas in SEO.
  5. Off-Page optimisation strategy and implementation.
  6. Monthly reports.
  1. Product photoshoots for E-Commerce websites.
  2. Creative photoshoot / Videos for social media content.
  3. High quality reels for Instagram
  4. Youtube videos and video ads.
  1. Product description for E-Commerce websites
  2. Captions for social media posts.
  3. Ad copies that sell.
  4. SEO optimised content for websites
  5. Press releases, blogs & emails.

Contact Us

Address: C2, Kosala Flats, Srinivasa Road, Parthasarathi puram, T Nagar, Chennai-600017.

Ph: +91-7812000030