Social Media Advertising

Social media has thrown up a very large number of audiences – wide and varied – that businesses can reach out to. Statistics show that an average person spends anything between four to six hours on social media per week! That is opportunity indeed! Opportunity to reach a highly engaged, captive audience that is likely to click and reach you, your product or your service. So social media advertising is a worthwhile investment.

And we, at SODME, will work with you to ensure the money you spend on social media advertising gives you the best ROI. We will run paid and organic campaigns to create your footprint on all relevant social platforms.

We can help you decide on clear and measurable objectives. We can help you with your budget to ensure your returns are optimal. We can create your target audience profile. We will create the ad copy and the creative. We will create, schedule and manage the entire campaign.  Remarketing, lead generation, we will handle it all – smoothly, effectively and efficiently. We will work with you to ensure measurable success with every advertisement. We’ll use every digital platform possible to reach your audience.

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