How to choose the Best Social Media Marketing agency in Chennai

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When you are a business owner, you have a vision for your social Media marketing channels and promotions. You will be having some expectations and objectives but when it comes to choosing the best social media marketing agency for the work, it is confusing as to how to choose the right agency.

What makes the best social media marketing agency?

There are certain factors that make a marketing agency stand out from the rest. Some of them are listed below.

1. Asking the right questions to understand the marketing objectives

Every business, their positioning in the market, the target audience and the product and services offered are unique. 

An ideal agency would be interested in not just the business you offer but on the type of work that they are going to do. 

They would have done their homework and they would have a ton of questions to ask you like why people buy from you, who is your current audience, what is your market, what are the marketing goals you would like to achieve etc. 

Without these questions, an agency would not be able to give you the right solutions. If an agency does not do this first activity of information gathering, then you cannot expect quality work from them.

2. Proposals with clarity on the scope of work.

After information gathering, an agency would submit a proposal. The proposal should contain the following

  • A clear understanding of the problem statement and the goals of the business
  • The scope of work and the deliverables.

Just make sure that the proposal is easily understandable. Most Business owners get intimidated by technical jargons and would just think that they won’t understand the proposal and accept whatever is mentioned there. An ideal proposal should help the potential client to make an informed decision.

If they are not able to communicate things clearly and in a simplified manner, it would not be easy for them to make an informed decision via social Media content creation.


3. The Social Media Marketing team and their qualifications.

The one who approaches you is usually the Business Development Manager and the team that implements the work is different. Try to understand the team and what they have to offer. 

Have a casual chat with them to know if they are the right fit to handle a project like yours. Are they able to give you the right advice? Are they handling queries with patience?

Get to know the team and convince yourself.

4. Success Stories and case studies

Choose an agency with success stories and case studies. An experienced team will have a lot of stories to share. Ask them about the various challenges faced by their other clients and how they solved them.

Understand the difference that they have brought in their online performance. 

Are you able to relate with their clients?

Have they worked on projects similar to yours?

What are the KPIs that they have used to measure success?

Ask these questions and see if the answers convince you.

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5. How much does a social media marketing agency charge?

Social Media Marketing agencies in Chennai charge from Rs 25,000 to Rs 2,00,000 depending on the quality of services that they offer.

A premium agency with the right experience and a super niche would start charging from Rs 75,000 onwards. These agencies usually are very strong in content and have a team for ads which focuses on conversions. They are called performance marketing agencies.

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