Digital Marketing Training

And this is where our … “and the some!” of our services comes in.
We offer Digital Marketing Training in Digital Marketing and related areas. And we do not mean mere consulting and knowledge sharing – we offer structured classroom programs leading to certification – both open courses and closed programs for your organization.
These are conducted by our Founder and CEO, Sangeetha S Abishek. An erstwhile professor of Digital Marketing, she has helped many brands to successfully establish an online business. She has trained hundreds of students, entrepreneurs and marketers.
These are a few of our very popular Classroom programs that are Certificate Courses:

Module 1 - Key concepts

Introduction to Social Media Marketing
Social Media Types
Best Practices – Dos and Don’ts
How to keep Social Media accounts safe
Organic and Inorganic marketing
What businesses should avoid doing while creating a page
Increasing followers the right way
Reality check on the Facebook Algorithm

Module 2 - Social Media Best Practices and Industry Trends

Social Media Best Practices and Industry Trends
How to improve Customer engagement
Content creation best practices
B2B vs B2C
Brand Positioning, voice and guidelines
Latest tools to use and their hands on Setting up goals and objectives

Module 3 - Social Media Advertising Masterclass

Introduction to Advertising
Choosing the ad objectives
Targeting the right audience
Landing page guidelines
How to choose the right budget
Ad creation best practices

Module 4 - Analytics

Page Insights
A/B testing
How to control costs effectively

Who should attend?

This course is meant for Aspiring Digital Marketers
Students who would like to take up a career in Digital Marketing
Working professionals looking for an exciting career

Search Engine Optimization Certificate Program
Integrated Digital Marketing Certificate Program

What are the benefits of attending these programs?

Certificate of completion from SODME Digital Marketing
Highly Interactive Classes with live case studies
Hands-on training
Interaction with like-minded people
Industry best practices and trends
Knowledge of career opportunities
will get to know how to handle Affiliate Marketing

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